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Shoghi Communications Ltd has been a designer of various ISR sensors, a System integrator with multitude of technologies covering ISR and EW and a premier defense contractor for various customers including defense and intelligence agencies across the world. The various projects for customers in the interiors and border areas of their countries have given Shoghi valuable experience to work in various types of terrain and weather conditions. This has resulted in the development of a very niche skill set which could be useful for both new OEMs as well as system integrators for various types of white labelled products and services in the fields for software development for auxiliary tasks.


About Shoghi Communications

Thinking ahead of time, making trends in technology

Around the world the Military, Defence forces and Intelligence agencies of more than seventy countries reach out for Shoghi Communications Ltd. when it comes to Integrated Electronic Defense Technologies, Products, and Systems.

About Shoghi Communications

Our Vision

Shoghi aspires to strengthen its position even further in the international defense market while maintaining its special relationship and contact with the Indian Defence Forces.

Our Philosophy

We do what is right because our commitment to honesty and integrity engenders and increases the invaluable business trust of our customers and that is the cornerstone of our success.

Business Ethics

It is the policy of Shoghi Communications to maintain the highest level of professional and ethical conduct in our business affairs. We place the utmost importance on our reputation for honesty, integrity and high standards.


Innovation is not only a driving force that comes from within the company but also involves the close interaction with customers, partners, academics and research centers in order to effectively manage the value chain.


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Note:- All the system / equipments offered by us are for end - usage by Government or Ministry of Defence or its related agencies only and not for private or commercial usage.